EXERTER Virtual Conference 2020

The EXERTER Consortium is pleased to invite to the “EXERTER Virtual Conference 2020”.

Because of the COVID pandemic, this year the virtual conference replaces the EXERTER conference, which was scheduled to take place in Madrid in May 2020.

The Conference:

The topic of this year’s event is an attack on public transportation scenario, based on the Madrid train bombings in May 2004.The scenario “Attacks on Public Transport” will be looked at from different perspectives from stakeholders of the explosive’s security community.

The practicalities:

Thursday, 5th November 2020

From 09:45 to 13:30 CET

Via Zoom,
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The Agenda

EXERTER Virtual Conference

More about the presentations:

  • Experts from different Spanish institutions like the National Police or the Emergency and Rescue Assistance Service will inform about their “hands on” work and lessons learned in connection with the Madrid train bombings.
  • The presentations of different national and international projects will show possibilities, in which way a terrorist attack might be countered, prevented, mitigated or detected. There will also be a part which deals on new ways how to react afterwards.
  • The SUSQRA project will try to show how the protection against improvised explosive devices, could be improved by risk analysis in an urban environment. The project does this analysis on the basis of blast simulation and damage assessment.
  • The aim of the project RISEN is the development of a set of Realtime, contactless sensors for the optimization of crime investigation and forensic examinations at a crime or terror scene. The project just started and will describe their approach.
  • The design of a data fusion system for the continuous monitoring of threats associated to the manufacturing of explosives will be thematized in the presentation of the project SYSTEM. Furthermore, there are analytical Methods in development in the project which try to improve the sensing of explosives and dangerous substances in an urban environment


FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Department of Weapon Effects and Security of Explosives

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Anneli Ehlerding

Project Manager

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 786805.