EXERTER project duration is over

The H2020-project EXERTER ended May 31st 2023 after a five years duration. Through this website you can still read about the project, connect with partners' websites and you can download the public reports in the Dissemination page.


Security of Explosives pan-European Specialists Network — EXERTER,
was a Horizon 2020 funded project connecting 20 practitioners from 13 EU member states into a network of explosives specialists.

The network has aimed to:

  • Highlight innovative methodologies, tools and technologies that could be part of solutions to enhance the overall Security of Explosives and fight against terrorism and serious crime
  • Discuss and lift needs, solutions, issues etc. within the network, among practitioners and within the explosives specialist community. The work evolves around research initiatives, standardisation & certification as well as market and product development, and tries to take an holistic approach to the issues raised by covering a large part of the course of events through the four response domains; prevent, detect, mitigate and react
  • Be a link between actors; manufacturers, academia, research and practitioners, to support development and exploitation, and to help increase practitioners’ capabilities in the fight against terrorism and serious crime

Though being a project network with a wide coverage of expertise, the goal of EXERTER has been to expand and to reach out to the entire Security of Explosives community in order to facilitate the interaction among end users, industry and academia and to promote innovation and uptake, and be a meeting and information sharing point.

EXERTER has been organising various events such as workshops, webinars and yearly conferences, and has also produced newsletters with updated information on what is going on in the community. Through these events and articles, information from the project has been shared as well as information of interest for the network, and it has provided a platform to discuss various topics with others in the field.

EXERTER concept


FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Department of Weapon Effects and Security of Explosives

SE-164 90 Stockholm



Anneli Ehlerding

Project Manager

Tel : +46 8 555 030 00
Email: anneli.ehlerding@foi.se

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 786805.