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End user and Expert Community - EEC

EXERTER End user and Expert Community (EEC), is an external group of stakeholders in the field of
Security of Explosives (SoE) which have agreed to support and interact with the EXERTER consortium.

The EXERTER End user and Expert Community (EEC) has an important role in sharing their expertise, defining practitioners’ needs as well as following and assessing the progress of the project. The EEC is represented by a variety of external end users, Research and technology organisations, academia and industries, and it will be expanded during the course of the project. development.

In cooperation with the EEC and other stakeholders, EXERTER will define a scenario each year, which will be used to identify gaps in capabilities related to explosives threats, possible solutions and other issues. The knowledge from the EEC on for example emerging threats or to highlight issues which needs solving is valuable throughout this work.

As a member of the EXERTER EEC you will have the possibility to:

  • Continuously be updated on the latest SoE research
  • Get enhanced knowledge about the current state-of-play in SoE
  • Interact and establish new collaborations with other SoE stakeholders
  • Influence the direction of current research through defining end-user requirements, gaps and the scenarios which the research use.
  • Share experience with other EEC members
  • Get regular information about security products available on the market
  • Get updates on exploitation potentials
  • Influence directions for upcoming standardisation and certification activities


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The EXERTER EEC (End User and Expert Community) is managed by beneficiary/partner PSNI – Police Service of Northern Ireland as the Work Package Leader of WP8 - Dissemination and thus, both FOI, as the Coordinator of EXERTER, and PSNI will process personal data connected to the EEC. Below you can find a link to information on both organisations’ Privacy Policies.


https://www.foi.se/en/foi/about-foi/about-this-website/privacy-policy.html External link, opens in new window.

https://www.psni.police.uk/advice_information/information-about-yourself/adultprivacynoticepage/ External link, opens in new window.


FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Department of Weapon Effects and Security of Explosives

SE-164 90 Stockholm



Anneli Ehlerding

Project Manager

Tel : +46 8 555 030 00
Email: anneli.ehlerding@foi.se

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 786805.