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EXERTER invites your organisation to register in the EXERTER manufacturer database, covering industry and manufacturers as well as research and academia in the European Security of Explosives community.

Though being a project network with a wide coverage of expertise, the goal of EXERTER is to expand and to reach out to the entire Security of Explosives community in order to facilitate the interaction among end users, industry and academia, to promote innovation and uptake and be a meeting and information sharing point. A high priority of EXERTER is to identify issues, ideas and suggestions among the actors, and bring them up for discussion within the network. 

By clicking the REGISTER-button, you will be directed to an external website, hosted by EXERTER partner INTA, where you can fill out a form and provide your contact details. See additional info by the form.

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The EXERTER manufacturer database contains information on your organisation, but also gives you a chance to lift any issues and ideas you might have.

Once your data has been entered, you can request its deletion by email addressed to the project coordinator or the database manager (contact details in the form).


FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Department of Weapon Effects and Security of Explosives

SE-164 90 Stockholm



Anneli Ehlerding

Project Manager

Tel : +46 8 555 030 00
Email: anneli.ehlerding@foi.se

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 786805.